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Istria County sits at the point where the Mediterranean Sea cuts most deeply into the European mainland, and it is separated from the rest of Croatia by the mountain giant Učka. It is one of the most developed and visited counties in Croatia. Thanks to the fact that the Istrian peninsula is an extremely attractive location, many nations have conquered it. It is these traces of the past that give it its rich cultural heritage, an amphitheatre in Pula, the Euphrasian basilica in Poreč, the ancient antique city of Nezactium, beautiful, richly decorated churches, the smallest town in the world, Hum, the old medieval stone towns in the hills... Then there is the natural magic of the westernmost point in Savudrija where you are welcomed by the tallest lighthouse in Istria (36 m high), Brijuni National Park, Cape Kamenjak on the coast, and the beautiful green towns and villages in the inland. All this combined gives it its romantic look and invites you to conquer it. The blending of many traditions and cultures over the centuries has lead to the creation of a unique culture, gastronomy, customs and music, which creates the magic of the region. In the taverns and restaurants, as well as the many events dedicated to ingredients, you can taste traditional Istrian cuisine from the fruits of the earth and the sea prepared with homemade olive oil (asparagus, truffles, venison, fish, shellfish, pasta, prosciutto...), and you can sweeten your palate with fine Istrian wine - Malvasia, Teran or a glass of Biska, the famous Istrian brandy.

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