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Dalmatia Dubrovnik

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Located in the heart of the Croatian south, the county of Dubrovnik Neretva is divided into two parts because of its borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina at Neum. There is the Dubrovnik part with Korčula and the Neretva part. The Neretva valley offers a natural connection between this county and the continental part of Croatia, and the beautiful exotic sandy beaches and open sea are surrounded by steep coves with cliffs to make up one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean. Asides from the marvellous natural sites, there are cultural sites of interest in the towns of Dubrovnik, Ston, Korčula, Metković, Ploče, Opuzen and Vid. All together: the sea, rocks, islands, walls, festivals, museum and gallery collections, and culinary delicacies of the region – fish, vegetables, wine make up life itself!Dubrovačko Primorje is a small area west of Dubrovnik that has Slano as its centre. Surrounded by sea as well as fertile olive groves and vineyards in the interior, it is famous for the summer residences of the noble folk of Dubrovnik. The arboretum in Trsteno is in one of these houses, which is the most beautiful example of Croatian landscape garden architecture. Slano lies in a deep, protected bay, which is attractive because of the many pebbly beaches, plentiful vegetation and comfortable climate. It is exactly because of the contrasts that tourists can relax, have fun and enjoy themselves in the sporting recreational facilities, diving (the Dubrovnik coast hides a number of sunken ships), and on the walking and cycling trails. There is also the “Summer in Slano” entertainment program, a’cappella and fisherman’s evenings, classical music concerts, and folklore group meetings. Come and experience the beauty of the Croatian south!       

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